Monday, April 11, 2016

Flattery or Hatery...?

When you're making money is the streets you have to learn how to move around the haters, snakes, and phony well wishers.

And it can be tricky because these characters interchange faces like chameleons so pay attention to detail, body language, and always be very wary of anyone who complements you too much. Flattery is usually a cover for jealousy...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bless Up...

I feel blessed to be me and do what I do. Obviously, by now, you know my main goal is to transition from a mixtape hustler on Hollywood Boulevard to a live performing artists. I believe I am closer than ever to manifesting that as a reality and today, I'm coming back to give another update and let you guys know that I'm very thankful to all the people who are constantly showing me love on the block. I feel really good about the organic way that I meet people and when I the think about the number of mixtapes I have put into the world over these last few years I just know its has to amount to something bigger.

Although I haven't released any new music in a long time I've been constantly recording.  My focus is on doing it for myself and for the love of my craft while practicing and sharpening my skills for the right time to share my new tracks. I believe people will recognize my improvements to be significant. From the block life and my vision to create a lane for myself as an artist to my spiritual growth into higher consciousness.

I feel my grind is too real for most people to to understand at this point. I think when you're aiming for a goal or some great future it's important to shut yourself off from a certain amount of people and keep your vision contained. Not that you don't want to associate with them or you think you're better than them in any way, but I think it's necessary in order to keep the positive frame of mind required to stay focused. So to all my family and friends who I haven't been in touch with in a while; it's not that I forgot about you, I just been in my zone. Bless Up!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Vegetarian Hustler...

The main thing I'm always talking about his being a Hustler. What that means to me is being willing to do whatever it takes in order to get to where it you want to be in life. As I get older and grow more focused I start to realize that being a Hustler is about a lot more the just making money and dope music or expanding my network. Being a true Hustler is about applying the mindset of wanting to do better and be better every day in every way. With that said, it's been about 9 months since I've had any meat whatsoever and I'm very proud to bring you this update.

I chose to stop eating meat because I realized how uneducated and systematically programmed I was when it came to the topic. As I became more aware of the facts, starting with the immensely vast and well documented health benefits from becoming a vegetarian and consistently eating a plant-based diet, the choice became a no-brainer. But, I still continued to eat meat for a long time before actually making the commitment to stop completely. 

I think it was when I started to become more in tune with where commercial meat actually comes from, how the animals are treated, and how slaughterhouses operate, that I became disgusted with the idea of eating animals so much to the point that I physically could not do it anymore. I'm not looking to use scare tactics in an attempt to get people to become vegetarians with this post, however I am saying that the facts are there for anyone who's interested in looking into this subject. Youtube and Netflix are packed with documentaries and interviews with experts across the board from farmers to physicians, all kinds of people coming to the conclusion that eating meat is flat out bad news. 

It's crazy how only 9 months later I can't even imagine myself eating a burger or that hot dog or pepperoni slice that I used to love so much. We don't realize how much greasy, heavy dead flesh makes us feel lethargic and disconnected as we are continually inundated with media telling us to return to our addiction, making the idea of a lifestyle change seemingly impossible. All false programs, Family.

What I'm trying to let you know is that once you break the addiction of eating meat, like many other types drugs you begin to feel more energetic, you begin to feel more like yourself and more confident in your health. You develop new taste buds and new desires for different types of food. Then, on top of all that, you get to go to go to sleep every night with a clean conscience, knowing you're doing the best you can for your body and you're saving the lives of countless creatures who have no choice but to be taken from their families and from their natural environments to be caged, tortured and eventually and slaughtered. Sounds a lot like slavery right?

Monday, March 14, 2016

All Hustle, No Luck...

Working Hollywood Boulevard everyday has given me an incredible opportunity to meet so many different types of people, from all walks of life. Tourists from across the country and others from across the world. With each sale, I ask my customers to hold my CD up and pose for a photo. I post these photos every day on my Facebook Fan Page to show my gratitude to all the generous people who were willing to take a chance on my music and give me a shot. Thank you again. I feel truly blessed. When I go back and look at these pictures they give me strength and  motivation to keep going. 

I first started pushing my mixtape to get off the streets. To escape homelessness. It can be overwhelming and flat out scary as an out-of-towner, coming to LA and aspiring to stand on your own two feet while carving out the vision for your dreams. When I look at these photos they will always remind me that there is no one road to success and that every person has their own path. And because of these amazing like-minded people I'm very happy to say that I believe I have found mine. 

When I met you, I told you that I was the Hustler from Cincinnati and no matter what you thought of my music I'd continue to put in the work in order to get to the next level. Today, I write this post humbly yet confidently. Our time is coming family... stay true.. stay down... stay hungry.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Elements of a Hustler

It's been a long time since I've made a blog post, but please trust that I've been hustling like no other on Hollywood Blvd during my absence. I also haven't dropped any new music in forever, but I feel good about my projects in progress. With my hustle, I've sold tons of mixtapes to people from all over the world. I feel that meeting my future fans one on one and making genuine connections is the necessary work right now to build buzz. Then, when the time is right all the pieces will fall into place. I see my own vision and that's all that matters. It's not up to anybody else to agree with how I go about making it happen it's all on me. If you showin' love then I thank you for being patient and I promise it will be worth the wait.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

For the love of the game

It's funny how random things inspire us. I recently completed 60 hours of community service. My hours were spent riding around the city of LA in a truck hopping in and out to re-paint over gang signs, graffiti and anything else the supervisors told me to do. It started out as something that I dreaded doing and and I procrastinated on it for over a year, but I finally made up my mind to get it done and put it behind me. 

After two or three days of showing up for the work, I realized that I enjoyed to paint, community service began to almost seem fun.  One day, I came home and was inspired to go to a craft store and buy supplies to paint my on own time. I haven't done very much drawing or painting since high school but I remembered the one class I actually enjoyed other than PE, was art. 

I feel painting has a very tranquil and calming effect and allows me to slow down my thoughts. I enjoy painting Jay's because I feel it represents my hustle, my lifestyle and the competitive spirit within me. Like millions of other young kids, I grew up idolizing Michael Jordan. I took all his ideologies about the game and applied them to my life, and now...? The same kid who couldn't afford Jay's and got yelled at in school for drawing them in class, owns over 60 pairs. #crazy #jordans #blessed #plssaythe513 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Next Will Be My Best...

(Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge) Variation)

(Vasisthasana - Side Plank)

When I started out, I was pursuing a dream, I was pursuing a career, I was pursuing approval. Glory to God, now I can say that the only thing I am wholeheartedly pursuing is God's wisdom. No, I'm not a preacher at this point in my life, but I am very much into spiritual expansion. In the past, I wasn't able to blog consistently because it was hard for me to find content within myself that I felt passionate enough to write about. 

Over these past few years, a lot has changed in my life. I have experienced a multitude of trials and tribulations, all steppingstones, which I believe to be Divinely put in my place so that I could arrive at my current state of mind. I now realize that I am one with everything. God, people, plants and animals the whole Universe. I know it sounds a little cliché, but we are all connected. It's crazy hard for me to explain through the written word, but I experience it physically, in my body. I now realize that I am closer than ever before to fulfilling my dreams and truest ambitions. #godisgood #iamthatiam #plssaythe513